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In rare cases, your CDRom may not function properly on some systems. Here are some tips that should help you out:

1. If you are unable to move beyond the Welcome Page, try clicking the green arrow button around it's edge rather than in the middle. This should take you to the detailed Resources Menu.

2. If the Welcome Page does not automatically open when you load the CD, try the following:

a. Open the program you use to view files and folders on your laptop (for a Windows PC that would be Windows Explorer, on a Mac it is Finder).
b. Navigate to the CD drive.
c. Double click on the file named "MainPage.htm"

This should open your local internet browser program (for a Windows PC that would be Internet Explorer) and the Welcome Page for the CD. From there you should be able to navigate through the rest of the CD following the instructions on that page.

Depending on your internet and security settings, you may get some sort of warning message about "harmful content" or running an "ActiveX Control". You can safely click "OK" or "Yes, Continue" to these messages.


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