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Churchwide Kit

What is the EW Churchwide Campaign Kit?

This Kit contains everything you need to introduce your church to a more experiential approach to worship. It will equip your team to plan and lead a five-week Experiential Worship series called “The Whole Enchilada,” complete with customizable worship orders, creative theme ideas, and sample sermons.

It also includes a comprehensive guide for six small group sessions, utilizing the Small Group Discussion DVD in which Bob Rognlien takes you to different locations to learn more about Experiential Worship.

The entire Campaign coordinates with the chapters in The Experiential Worshiper book which provides accessible daily readings for the participants, and the Small Group Kit, which provides the resources needed for each small group.

Purchase of the Churchwide Campaign Kit qualifies you for a 50% on bulk quantities of both The Experiential Worshiper book and The Small Group Kit.

The EW Churchwide Campaign Kit Includes:

  • Churchwide Campaign Resources CD: Customizable documents to help you plan and lead “The Whole Enchilada” Experiential Worship series.
    • Leader’s Guide for implementing the Churchwide Campaign
    • Creative Themes for five-week “Whole Enchilada” worship series
    • Worship Orders for “The Whole Enchilada”
    • Message manuscripts and recordings for “The Whole Enchilada”
    • PowerPoint files with visuals to support the messages
    • PowerPoint templates for each week’s service
    • Liturgical Resources with suggested thematic welcomes, opening prayers, confession prayers, proclamations of forgiveness, professions of faith, Communion introductions, and blessing/sendings.
    • Musical Resources with weekly suggestions for contemporary worship songs, contemporary special music, hymns, and choir anthems
    • Participant’s Guide with daily Scripture readings and a list of all the “On Your Own” activities from the Small Group Leader’s Guide.
    • Dance choreography to go with one of the special music songs
    • “Soul Psalms” Scripture video to use as an opening element for the SoulWorship week
    • Worship Handout: “Recipe Card” templates for each week to use as responsive elements
    • Promotional flyer and banner templates
  • Small Group Discussion DVD: Six creative teaching sessions by Bob Rognlien on Experiential Worship
    • Giving Yourself More Completely to God: session takes place in a restaurant where Bob explains Experiential Worship as partaking more fully of the banquet of biblical worship
    • HeartWorship, Loving God with Your Choices: session takes place at a Hallmark store where Bob explains the role of the will in biblical worship
    • StrengthWorship, Loving God with Your Body: session takes place at a gym where Bob explains the role of the body in biblical worship
    • MindWorship, Loving God with Your Thoughts: session takes place in a computer lab where Bob explains the role of the mind in biblical worship
    • SoulWorship, Loving God with Your Emotions: session takes place on a preschool playground where Bob explains the role of our emotions in biblical worship
    • Living as an Experiential Worshiper: session takes place in a worship center where Bob explains the Experiential Worship is a way of life
    • Leading a Group of Experiential Worshipers: session takes place in a fireside room where Bob gives leaders some tips on using this resource in small groups
  • Experiential Worship: Encountering God with Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength: the comprehensive book for leaders on implementing this approach to worship (more info)
  • The Experiential Worshiper: Giving Yourself More Completely to God: an engaging, easy-to-read book for Campaign participants (more info)

The Experiential Worshiper Churchwide Campaign Kit: Everything You Need to Lead a Six-Week Campaign on Experiential Worship

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