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The Experiential Worshipper

What is The Experiential Worshiper?

It is so easy to come to church on Sunday, sing the songs, listen to the message, say the words, but leave unchanged. There is a profound difference between practicing religious rituals and encountering the living God of the Bible. Deep down inside we all know there is meant to be more to worship than just going through the motions. Deep down inside there is a hunger inside all of us to actually experience God.

Genuine worship is meant to be a two-way street, an encounter in which God meets us where we are and we respond by giving our whole selves back to him in wonder, awe, and love. Jesus said the most important thing in life is to love God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength. When we learn how to use this Great Commandment as a kind of recipe for worship, we begin to open up to a more complete encounter with God. Experiencing God more fully empowers us to respond by giving ourselves more completely to him and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

This powerful little book will help each person who reads it learn how to come to worship more ready to experience God and therefore more empowered to respond as well. A follow-up to the acclaimed book Experiential Worship, this book is designed to communicate those revolutionary concepts to a wider audience through short chapters, accessible writing, and engaging stories.

Pastors and worship leaders who want to introduce their congregations to a more experiential approach to worship will find this book to be an invaluable resource for the members of their churches. A Churchwide Campaign Kit is available to use in concert with this book to help church leaders take their members on a six-week exploration of Experiential Worship. The Churchwide Campaign Kit includes a CD with everything you need to create a five-week experiential worship series called “The Whole Enchilada.” It also includes a creative teaching DVD for small groups, and a copy of both books, Experiential Worship and The Experiential Worshiper.

Leaders on The Experiential Worshiper:

“I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to more fully understand the fundamentals of worship and who is willing to respond to God with greater passion in every dimension of their being.  This book will stretch you and remind you what is at the very core of our worship.  I want our entire church congregation to read it!”
Nancy Beach, teaching pastor at Willow Creek Church, author of An
Hour on Sunday

“My ‘Top 10 Worship Books’ has a new entrant: The Experiential Worshiper is a little classic, as timeless as it is timely as it is time-full. ‘In the fullness of time’ this book has arrived to restore in us the wholeness of God-experiences.”
Leonard Sweet, professor, author of
Soul Tsunami and Post-Modern Pilgrims

“This book exudes spiritual hunger for God and Monday-through-Saturday devotion that keeps Sundays the by-product of a biblical life, as it should be. A regime-change for most of us, Bob puts the transcendent and the guerilla on the same wave-length where we can all reach it. Enjoy the ride!”
Jared Anderson, worship leader, member of Desperation Band, composer of “Amazed” and “Hear Us from Heaven”

“Bob Rognlien knows that as we worship, so we believe and so we live. This excellent book moves us deeper than performance and show, lecture and program, to discover a way of worship that is transforming to the worshiper and honoring to God.”
Brian D. McLaren, pastor, author of
A New Kind of Christian and Everything Must Change

"It is tragic irony that amidst the proliferation and popularity of 'worship music', the people of God have developed such an anemic understanding of worship itself. Bob Rognlien has just the cure. This book, in plain and straightforward language, outlines for every believer just what it means to engage the living Christ in biblical worship. It is bound to serve the church well for years to come."
Glenn Packiam, director New Life School of Worship, author of
Butterfly in Brazil, member of Desperation Band

"As an experiential worshiper (not leader), I'm so excited about this book. I long for every person in America--and beyond--to read it, embrace it, and find a whole new understanding of true worship. I caught a glimpse in my reading of what it can be/should be/could be . . . and now I'll be putting it into action in my ongoing worship life."
Lisa T. Bergren, best-selling novelist, author of
The Gifted trilogy, God Made You, God Made Two

“Finally.  A book on worship for regular people . . . ordinary folks who desire an extraordinary life with God, both inside and outside the worship center.  Bravo!”
Sally Morgenthaler, author
Worship Evangelism

“Bob Rognlien has cooked up an earthy recipe for a healthy worship diet. In a culture that loves to consume, here's a refreshing collection of ingredients that lead to a deeper look at what we taste when we worship.”
Handt Hanson, worship leader, author of
Mission-Driven Worship, composer of “Lord, Make My Heart Good Soil”

Book for Individual Worshippers
5” x 7” softcover, 128 pages

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