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Small Group Kit

What is the Small Group Kit?

This Kit provides all the resources needed to lead a small group through a six-week study of The Experiential Worshiper. This can be a stand-alone study undertaken by an individual group or part of The Experiential Worshiper Churchwide Campaign. Each small group will need one Small Group Kit and each group member will need a copy of The Experiential Worshiper book.

The Small Group Kit includes a DVD featuring Bob Rognlien teaching in different creative locations to ignite discussion on Experiential Worship.
Also included is a copy of The Experiential Worshiper book as well as a Small Group Leader’s Guide, which provides session openers, discussion questions based on the book and the DVD sessions, a Bible study with leader helps, application questions, and suggestions for individual follow up.

Purchase of the Small Group Kit qualifies you for a 50% on bulk quantities of The Experiential Worshiper book so you can buy affordable copies for every group member. If you purchase the Churchwide Campaign you also qualify for a 50% discount on this Small Group Kit.

The EW Small Group Kit Includes:

  • Small Group Discussion DVD: Six creative teaching sessions by Bob Rognlien
    • Giving Yourself More Completely to God: session takes place in a restaurant where Bob explains Experiential Worship as partaking more fully of the banquet of biblical worship
    • HeartWorship, Loving God with Your Choices: session takes place at a Hallmark store where Bob explains the role of the will in biblical worship
    • StrengthWorship, Loving God with Your Body: session takes place at a gym where Bob explains the role of the body in biblical worship
    • MindWorship, Loving God with Your Thoughts: session takes place in a computer lab where Bob explains the role of the mind in biblical worship
    • SoulWorship, Loving God with Your Emotions: session takes place on a preschool playground where Bob explains the role of our emotions in biblical worship
    • Living as an Experiential Worshiper: session takes place in a worship center where Bob explains the Experiential Worship is a way of life
    • Leading a Group of Experiential Worshipers: session takes place in a fireside room where Bob gives leaders some tips on using this resource in small groups
  • Small Group Leader’s Guide: Comprehensive guide for six group sessions. Each week includes:
    • Opening creative activity to build community and introduce topic
    • DVD discussion questions tied into the readings from the book
    • Follow up Bible study on key passage with leader’s helps
    • Application questions to apply to each person’s life
    • On Your Own: ideas for ways to practice what you are learning during the week
  • The Experiential Worshiper: Book for the participants with discussion questions for each chapter

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The Experiential Worshiper Small Group Kit:
Discussion DVD, Leader’s Guide, and a copy of The Experiential Worshiper

Leader’s Guide Sample
Teaching Video Sample
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Small Group Kit ($29.99)

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Small Group Discussion DVD

The Experiential Worshiper


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