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Da Vinci Communion

We used Da Vinci’s famous painting, The Last Supper, as an image of the invitation to an intimate relationship with Jesus. After telling the history of the painting and explaining the reaction of each group of disciples to Jesus’ words, we pointed out that one side of the table is open, waiting for people to join Jesus and the disciples. We situated communion tables directly under the screens with a cropped image of Jesus and the disciples at the bottom of the screens. This created an effect of Jesus and the disciples sitting across from us at the table. We situated empty chairs along the near side of the table to symbolize the place prepared for us and for those we love. During the message we gave people blank place cards and invited them to write their own name on one side to symbolize their desire to take their place at Jesus’ table. Then we asked them to write the name of someone they wanted to invite to Jesus table who didn’t yet know him. When the time came for communion, we invited people to come forward, put the place card on the table, place a hand on an empty chair while they prayed for the person they were going to invite, and then to serve each other communion at the table. Many were moved by the sense that they were invited to join Jesus and the disciples for this sacred meal!

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