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Dividing Wall

For a service based on Ephesians 2:14, we made a “dividing wall of hostility” out of cardboard boxes running down the center aisle of our worship space. This was a vivid image of the relational separation brought by sin as people looked over the “wall” at other worshipers. After a moving confession focusing on the sin that separates us from each other, we kicked down part of the wall while proclaiming the forgiveness of sins. Then during a musical worship set people were invited to come and take a box out of the wall and pile it up in another part of the worship space. There they could take a marker and write a prayer on one of the boxes, asking God to help them take a step of reconciliation toward someone in their life from whom they were estranged. (To introduce this image we opened the service with a video clip of the Berlin Wall being torn down and some commentary on what that meant to the people of Berlin)

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