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Kitchen Smells

For a series on worship entitled “The Whole Enchilada” we developed the metaphor of cooking with all the necessary ingredients. To reinforce the theme we set up a kitchen in one corner of our worship platform, complete with actual stove and cooking equipment. One week we opened the service with our worship director standing in the “kitchen” cooking a favorite family recipe using an electric hotplate. As she cooked she explained the significance of this dish in her family history and how the smell evoked all the emotions of those memories. Since the dish she was cooking was very aromatic it filled our worship space with a strong aroma which physically drew the worshipers into the theme for that day through the sense of smell. Note: test the dish you are cooking to make sure it is enough to carry the aroma to the back of your worship space. If it isn’t making an impact, try increasing the volume of food, raising the heat, or using fans to circulate the smell!

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