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Gift Flags

In a series with sailing at the central metaphor, we were focusing on the unique combination of gifts God has given each individual. Using the idea that each yacht club has its own unique flag, but also displays the flags of all their partner clubs around the world, we had a time during worship when people were invited to go to tables and create their own unique flag out of colored paper. We had prepared the triangular flag backgrounds in different colors as well as various shapes of paper precut which could be assembled in many different ways using glue sticks. We then invited people to trace their hand over the design of their flag and sign their name inside of it to reflect their own unique identity. Later in the service they were invited to bring their flag forward and place it a basket as a symbol of their desire to offer their gifts to God’s purpose. The next week as people came into our worship center the flags were strung overhead in festive strings. For the rest of the series these flags flew overhead as a constant reminder of our unique giftedness!

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