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Planning and implementing Experiential Worship gatherings is a challenge that can leave us feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed without the right resources. This website exists to equip and encourage you in facing that challenge. Experiential Worship: Encountering God with Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength (NavPress, 2005) is written to help you rediscover this biblical paradigm for more complete worship and learn how to implement it in your church. The links on this page will help you explore this book and find other resources to help you develop a more experiential worship ministry.

Free Worship Downloads
Free Worship Downloads
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View fresh ideas for Experiential Worship
Articles on Experiential Worship
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Web-based Resources for Experiential Worship
>www.sacramentis.com: Sally Morgenthaler’s comprehensive resource for worship
:Len Sweet’s site for creative preaching and worship planning
: Robert Webber’s resources for worship planning
: A look into Dan Kimball’s emerging church
: Perspectives on postmodern Christianity
: A conversation of the “emerging church”
: A European perspective on emerging Christianity and the arts
: Cutting-edge worship music
: Cutting-edge worship music
: Cutting-edge worship music
: Online resource for leaders involved in worship through music
: Ancient rituals and liturgy for contemporary worship
: Resources for contemplative worship
: Relating film to biblical faith
: Free drama scripts
: Using dance in worship
: Searchable database for stories and illustrations
: Visual images for worship
: Still and video backgrounds for worship
: Devotional video for worship
>www.highwayvideo.com: Creative video for worship

: Fine-art images for free
: Quality stock photography
: Exceptional stock video footage
: Stock video footage of people, the world, and nature
: Documentary footage
: Discount supplier for worship-related technology products
>www.transformingchurch.com: a resource for centrist churches that want to be part of the movement of those who are learning how to be relevant in the 21st century by going back to the roots of the 1st century church: discipleship, gift-based ministry, and transformational leadership.

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