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Stripes Cross

For a Good Friday service based on the Suffering Servant passage from Isaiah 53:5: “by his stripes we are healed,” we had a large, free standing cross on the center of the platform. It was wrapped in a coarse fabric, surrounded by a drop cloth and pots of different shades of red paint with brushes. After a message on the power of Jesus’ shed blood, people were invited to come forward during a time of singing and prayer to kneel, reflect, and paint a stripe on the cross to claim Jesus’ healing blood in their lives. At the very end of the service we read the description of the curtain in the Temple being torn at the point of Jesus’ death, at which point we tore a long black curtain hanging behind the cross and then draped the two pieces over the arms of the stripe-covered cross. After a brief prayer we then processed out of the service in silence.

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